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Treatment of CMD in Munich (Schwabing) 

CMD is the abbreviation for the generic term ‘craniomandibular dysfunction’ and refers to a functional disorder in the jaw joint. If the temporomandibular joint does not function properly it can cause various symptoms such as jaw clicking, muscle tension and a restricted bite. Symptoms can also occur outside the oral cavity, such as headaches, tinnitus, and back pain. 

With the help of a functional analysis, we can determine the disturbing factors in the jaw area and immediately initiate an individually tailored therapy. Acute complaints such as tense chewing muscles can usually be quickly alleviated with a custom-fit bite splint. Eliminating the causes may require cooperation with specialists from other medical fields such as physiotherapy, orthopedics, and psychotherapy. 


  • Detailed functional diagnostics of the temporomandibular joint  
  • Individually fitting bite splint  
  • Depending on the cause of the CMD: Interdisciplinary treatment 
  • Botox injections for pain relief 


With a functional analysis, we measure the functional processes in the complex masticatory system. Even single crooked teeth can cause considerable impairment of the occlusion (bite closure) and strong muscle tension. The temporomandibular joint is closely connected to the rest of the musculoskeletal system via the spinal column. Not only the symptoms, but also the causes of CMD can be found in other regions of the body. 


CMD refers to a sometimes very differentiated clinical picture that can possibly only be cured by interdisciplinary therapy. It is not uncommon for CMD therapy to require collaboration with physiotherapists and orthopedists. Common causes of CMD include nighttime teeth grinding triggered by stress, which leads to the abrasion of tooth enamel. A psychotherapist may then need to be consulted for targeted stress management. 


If you suffer from discomfort in the temporomandibular joint, we will be happy to help you with a targeted CMD therapy in Munich (Schwabing). Schedule your appointment in our experienced dental practice online or by phone at 089 – 271 276 5