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Plastic fillings in Munich (Schwabing) – without plasticizers

For many years, plastic fillings have been the treatment of choice when patients want a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result.

The market for plastic fillings has grown rapidly in recent years due to the search for an alternative to the controversial amalgam.

There are now many people who want plastic fillings, but without the ingredients HEMA, TEGDMA, Bis-GMA and BPA, which are unfortunately present in most filling.

By popular demand, your dentist in Munich (Schwabing) now offers you a truly biocompatible plastic filling material that does not contain BPA, Bis-GMA, derivatives of BPA, HEMA or TEGDMA.

Info: When making appointments for fillings, please indicate that you would like BPA-free fillings, as the costs are higher than for conventional plastic fillings.


Do you have further questions about plastic fillings without plasticizers in Munich (Schwabing)? Make your appointment online or by calling 089 – 271 276 5. We look forward to helping you.