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CEREC in Munich (Schwabing) – dentures in a day 

The fully digitalized CEREC process greatly enhances the convenience of dental prostheses. Our intraoral scanner enables us to create the necessary dental impressions without contact and without triggering a gag reflex. Our intraoral camera provides detailed 3D images in multiple magnification, which can be viewed in the computer from all directions. 

In many cases it is now even possible to both plan and fabricate the dental restoration in just one session and to insert it immediately. Many other advantages speak in favor of CEREC dentures made of body-compatible all-ceramics. If you are looking for a reliable dentist for CEREC dentures in Munich (Schwabing), we are always happy to help. 


With our high-resolution intraoral camera, we create a digital model of the dentition in a very short time. It is no longer necessary to make an impression using impression material and impression trays, which many patients find unpleasant. The three-dimensional image of the teeth can be viewed by the patient on the monitor so that he can clearly understand what exactly is happening during treatment. 

3D planning with the latest software enables us to produce your CEREC dental prosthesis in Munich (Schwabing) with extreme precision. Unsightly crown margins and similar imperfections can be reliably avoided, which also reduces the risk of caries. 

The all-ceramics we use are characterized by their natural and individually definable tooth color, making CEREC dentures virtually indistinguishable from organically grown teeth. As a rule, CEREC dentures can be placed immediately after fabrication. Temporary restorations and interim solutions are therefore no longer necessary. 


You can schedule your appointment at our dental office by calling 089 – 271 276 5 or online.