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Safe amalgam restoration in Munich (Schwabing)

Amalgam fillings contain toxic mercury and other heavy metals, which can be released in dangerous doses over the long term. The toxins, which cannot be processed by the organism, are then deposited in organs and body tissues and can cause various health complaints, including chronic diseases.

For this reason, amalgam fillings are hardly ever used in contemporary dentistry. From a medical point of view, it is usually advisable to replace old amalgam fillings with individually biocompatible new ones. If you are looking for a reliable dentist for safe amalgam restoration in Munich (Schwabing), we are always happy to help.


  • Amalgam fillings contain mercury and other heavy metals, which are released in minute quantities and lead to harmful deposits in the body over a long period of time.
  • During amalgam restoration we replace outdated amalgam fillings with individually compatible new ones
  • Highest safety precautions, so that the heavy metals released during the amalgam treatment itself do not get into the organism.

Contact your dentist in Munich (Schwabing) to find out more – we will be happy to advise you personally in our friendly dental practice if you want to get rid of old amalgam fillings.


Amalgam fillings do not always cause clearly recognizable health problems, but they can have a negative effect on general health in a wide variety of ways. In order to avoid long-term consequences, safe amalgam sanitation is generally highly recommended. Pregnant women and kidney patients, among others, should be particularly careful in this regard. Another influencing factor to be considered is nocturnal teeth grinding, which promotes abrasion of the metallic substances.

In our practice, we perform amalgam restoration in Munich (Schwabing) with the utmost care and after thorough preparation in order to provide you with maximum safety. We have the most modern equipment to perform amalgam sanitation as efficiently and gently as possible. Following amalgam rehabilitation, we will be happy to provide you with compatible dental fillings that are also a benefit from an aesthetic point of view.


To answer your questions and make appointments, we are available online and by phone at 089 – 271 276 5. We look forward to helping you regain healthy and beautiful teeth and decisively support your general health through our safe amalgam restoration in Munich (Schwabing).