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Bleaching in Munich (Schwabing) 

Beautifully white teeth signal health and vitality – unfortunately, however, they darken visibly over the course of life. In addition, dietary and consumer habits can have a negative effect on the color of teeth, for example, the frequent consumption of coffee, tobacco and red wine. 

With professional bleaching we can lighten the color of your teeth by the desired degree. To ensure a uniformly beautiful result, we must first carefully assess your dental status. In many cases, we advise a preparatory professional teeth cleaning, during which your teeth will already be visibly whiter. 


  • Chemical bleaching of teeth
  • Whitening by the desired degree 
  • First: examination of dental health
  • Uncomplicated, fast, and harmless to health
  • Repeatable several times 

Schedule your appointment for a professional bleaching. Your dentist in Munich (Schwabing) will be happy to advise you on your individual options for chemical tooth whitening. 


If you are considering whitening your teeth in Munich (Schwabing), it is always advisable to consult your dentist first. We do not recommend the use of self-bought products. After an examination, we can immediately initiate the bleaching procedure provided that no further treatments are necessary to restore dental health. 

During bleaching, we apply a highly concentrated bleaching gel to your teeth, which hardens under UV light and provides a beautifully even result. The gums are shielded during this process. After about an hour you can leave our dental office with brilliant white teeth – under good conditions the result can last for many years. If necessary, bleaching can be repeated several times. 


Contact us online or call 089 – 271 276 5 if you are interested in a professional bleaching in Munich (Schwabing) – We can help you achieve a radiantly beautiful smile.