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Veneers in Munich (Schwabing) 

Veneers can be used to achieve a flawless smile without much effort. If the teeth have optical blemishes such as discoloration, size differences or crookedness ceramic veneers can easily cover these unflattering areas.  

The main purpose of veneers is to create uniformly beautiful front teeth. Since our front teeth are the main focus of attention when smiling, veneers can be a big plus for attractiveness and radiance. 


The shape and color of the ceramic veneers can be freely determined according to your aesthetic wishes and ideas. The selection and application of veneers in Munich (Schwabing) takes very little time. Normally, we must grind your teeth slightly to be able to guarantee a permanently stable hold. With particularly thin non-prep veneers this preparatory step can be avoided. 

With good dental health veneers usually last many years. Veneers allow you to bite just as powerfully as with untreated teeth. 


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