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Periodontitis and Periimplantitis in Munich (Schwabing)

Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease in the periodontium, in which increasingly deepening spaces (gingival pockets) develop at the edge of the tooth necks. Dangerous bacteria can multiply there undisturbed, as they cannot be captured by the toothbrush. If such an inflammation occurs at the edge of dental implants, the diagnosis is peri-implantitis.

As a contemporary dental practice, we treat you with methods that are as gentle as they are efficient. All bacteria must be removed from the gum pockets to prevent further deepening. If the bacteria can continue to multiply, the affected teeth will loosen and eventually threaten to fall out. If you are looking for an experienced dentist for periodontitis and periimplantitis in Munich (Schwabing), we are always happy to help.


  • Periodontitis: Bacterial inflammation of the periodontium leading to gingival pockets.
  • Periimplantitis: Comparable inflammation on dental implants
  • Periodontitis and periimplantitis are a major cause of tooth loss
  • Gentle modern treatment methods
  • Prophylaxis, including professional teeth cleaning

Contact us as soon as you notice noticeable changes in your gums – this is often a serious warning sign of the onset of periodontitis or periimplantitis.


This widespread disease usually starts with bacterial plaque that spreads to the gums and causes reactions such as redness, swelling and bleeding. If the bacteria are now able to spread further, they invade the space between the gums and the tooth. If the gum pockets can deepen continuously, the bacteria eventually even attack the jawbone.

Treatment at your dentist in Munich (Schwabing) is more efficient the earlier periodontitis or periimplantitis is detected and treated. In advanced stages, there is a risk of chronic inflammation, which requires ongoing treatment appointments with your dentist. Regular check-ups of your dental status and prophylactic treatments such as professional teeth cleaning significantly reduce the risk of tooth loss in adulthood.


As your experienced dentist for peri-implantitis and periodontitis in Munich (Schwabing), we look forward to your call – simply make your appointment by dialing extension 089 – 271 276 5 or use our online appointment service.