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Root canal treatment with a surgical microscope in Munich (Schwabing) 

If the sensitive soft tissue inside the tooth becomes inflamed the tooth can usually only be saved by root canal treatment. During root canal treatment the root canals inside the tooth must be completely cleared of harmful bacteria and sealed with an antibacterial sealant. Our surgical microscope allows us to perform the root canal treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible. 

Microscopic endodontics reduces the treatment time, while recording a higher success rate. Our experienced dentist can preserve your tooth in a gentle manner. 


Root canals can have very different individual shapes and numerous fine branches. This structural composition of root canals can be recorded much more precisely with micro endodontics. The more precisely the dentist can survey the structure of the root canal the more certain he can be of detecting all bacteria. 

Possible treatments of the inflamed tooth, such as root tip resection, can be avoided with increased probability due to the surgical microscope. Unfortunately, the cost of root canal treatment with a microscope is not covered by health insurance. Our patients receive an individual treatment and cost plan from us in advance. 


You should not wait too long to receive a root canal treatment. If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Munich (Schwabing) we are here for you. Schedule your appointment for the examination at 089 – 271 276 5 or online.