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Minimally invasive filling therapy in Munich (Schwabing)

We can usually close small and medium-sized holes in the tooth enamel with tooth-colored fillings made of plastic composite. The material hardens in the tooth and forms a quasi-seamless bond with the tooth structure – under good conditions, there is largely no need to grind down healthy enamel beforehand.

Inlays made of tooth-colored ceramics have become established for the minimally invasive and esthetic reconstruction of major tooth damage. For long-term stable and beautiful results, it is usually necessary to first prepare a symmetrical gap (cavity) in the tooth enamel. The individually custom-made inlays are then created according to our specifications in the shortest possible way in our in-house practice laboratory.


  • Synthetic composites for minor tooth damage
  • Ceramic inlays for larger holes in the tooth enamel
  • Custom-made in our own dental laboratory
  • Individually matching tooth color

Contact us to find out more about our gentle and efficient filling therapy in Munich (Schwabing) – we will be happy to explain the connections in a personal consultation.


One of the overriding goals of dental treatment is to preserve as much natural tooth substance as possible. Through our minimally invasive filling therapy, we can ensure that as little tooth enamel as possible has to be ground off in order to achieve beautiful and stable dental reconstructions in the long term.

By working closely with our practice’s own dental laboratory, we can optimally tailor small and large fillings to the individual needs of our patients. We include not only pure functionality, but also the desired aesthetics in the treatment planning from the very beginning.


You can make your appointment with your dentist in Munich (Schwabing) for minimally invasive filling therapy online or by phone at 089 – 271 276 5 – we look forward to helping you regain rows of teeth that are as healthy as they are attractive.